Company culture and the employment contract.

Advice and litigation, employees and employers.

Greenwich Social

Greenwich supports its clients in all social, collective and individual aspects of company culture and employment contracts. We help and advise our clients in the implementation of social policy, day-to-day employee relations, searching for appropriate solutions and resolving workplace difficulties.

Greenwich assists all its clients involved in litigation.

To this effect, the Greenwich lawyers appear before all jurisdictions dealing with employment law, always aware of the specific nature of each case, the unique character of each case and the stakes at large.
We are driven by the will to convince and the desire to defend: industrial tribunals, courts of law, administrative tribunals, court of appeal…

    Reduced working hours
    Social audits and expert appraisals
    Organization of working time, working hours
    Employment litigation
    Administrative litigation
    URSSAF litigation
    Employment contract: conclusion, performance, and termination
    Criminal employment law
    Management of new technologies and social networks in professional environment
    Health and safety, occupational accidents and diseases
    Corporate officers: agreement, cumulative employment contract and term of office
    Intra-group mobility, international mobility
    Collective bargaining
    Individual and transactional negotiation
    Job centre
    Pension and retirement
    Internal regulations, IT charter
    Compensation, profit sharing, employee savings schemes
    Staff representation
    Liability of managers

These are the firm’s main areas of practice.