Clear terms, agreed in advance.

Greenwich lawyers work with their clients to determine the terms for setting and paying fees, which are agreed upon in writing.

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Fees are usually set according to three modalities, taking into account the nature and complexity of the case, the assigned objective and work to be done.

Lump-sum fees: these are fixed before any due diligence is carried out. They take into account the technical nature of the case and the estimated time required to process it.

Performance fees associated with lump-sum fees: so-called “result fees” correspond to a predefined percentage of the sums obtained in a contentious or transactional context. They supplement the lump-sum fees.

Fees based on time spent: the billing rate of the lawyer in charge of the case and the time spent on the completion of the work determine the amount of the fees.

Payment: fixed fees are invoiced on a regular basis by provision. Fees based on time spent are invoiced as and when the work is completed. Performance fees are invoiced after recovery of the sums obtained.